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Throughout its thirty-year history, American Industrial has consistently provided customers with high-quality heat exchangers, unmatched service, and low prices. Our commitment to being a leading manufacturer is reflected by our investments in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, cutting-edge CNC manufacturing machinery, custom computer enterprise technology, skilled engineering services, global purchasing alliances, and strong distribution channels.

  • AB – SAE – STS – EAB Series
  • AB 2000 Series
  • AA – STA Series
  • FBF Series
  • CS – STC Series
  • CS 2000 Series
  • ASME Certified Units
  • CS 2400 – 4800 Series
  • SRCS Series
  • UCS – URCS Series
  • UCN,URCN & UCF,URCF Series
  • CK Series
  • ABR Series
  • Shell & Tube Accessories

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  • AC-ACF-ACHM Series
  • AOCH-AOCHM Series
  • AOCHL Series
  • AOCS Series
  • AOCSH Series
  • ASME Air / Liquid Series
  • ACOC Combination Series
  • EOC-EOCF Series
  • ACA Series
  • ACL Series
  • AOMF Series
  • M-ME Series
  • LP Series
  • AOM-AOMR Series
  • BME Series
  • BM Series
  • Air Oil Accessories

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We’ve been at the forefront of hydraulic engineering for over 43 years, and we’re not stopping soon. Our reputation brimming with productive solutions has grown alongside our years of experience. From valves & pumps to complete systems, if you need anything related to hydraulic and pneumatic control, HPS is the solution provider for your business.


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