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Auburn Gear, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom engineered wheel drives, axle drive components, and specialty drives and solutions for diverse mobile equipment applications. Through its expansive product portfolio of planetary gearboxes, electric drive systems, driveline systems, and differentials, Auburn Gear offers more than 120 base product models covering over 3,200 application solutions that transfer power and torque to wheels, axles, booms, augers, winches, and platforms.

  • AKG Engine Line AEL
  • Cool-Line AP
  • Cool-Line AR
  • Classic AOC
  • Belt Guard Aftercooler BG Series
  • Classic C Series
  • Classic CC
  • Case Drain CD Series
  • Cool-Line D
  • Cool-Line DCSB
  • Cool-Line DS Series
  • Cool-Line HCU
  • Classic DCS Series
  • Heavy Duty HD Series
  • Heavy Duty-Z HDZ Series
  • Cool-Line HR
  • Water Cooler AKG/P

Roanoke, VA

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147 Eastpark Drive
Roanoke, Va 24019


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We’ve been at the forefront of hydraulic engineering for over 43 years, and we’re not stopping soon. Our reputation brimming with productive solutions has grown alongside our years of experience. From valves & pumps to complete systems, if you need anything related to hydraulic and pneumatic control, HPS is the solution provider for your business.


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