NEW: Auburn Gear Power Wheel Models 145 and 200

on Wednesday, 21 December 2011.

Auburn Gear introduced two new models in its' Power Wheel planetary drive family: Model 145 and Model 200.

The Model 145 is rated at 145,000 lb-in (16, 400 N-m) of intermittent output torque. This drive fits in the same dimensional area as a Model 9 drive, but provides an increase in torque capability and radial load capacity as compared to the Model 9.

The Model 200 is rated at 200,000 lb-in (22,600 N-m) of intermittent output torque. This drive is dimensionally interchangeable with a Model 10, but also has increased torque and radial load capacity.

Check out Auburn Gear's Compact 25 Wheel Drive as well!

For more information on Auburn Gear's Power Wheel Planetary Gear Drives, or any other Auburn Gear products, or to place an order, please call HPS at 540-977-0700.

Download data sheets below.

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